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Centrim PC is a corporation fully owned and operated by Ciel Stiganduhr CPA. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Ciel has made Centrim a private, full-service accounting firm specializing in assurance, accounting and tax services for individuals, companies, and organizations in Alberta.


Contact and service are Centrim PC priorities. In this spirit, we've made contact as easy as possible. Call, text, or email for an initial consultation. Centrim PC is set up to meet you anywhere: virtually, at your business or residence, or in our private office. Whichever you prefer.


It is difficult to accomplish what you need to do when you must go through layers of office personnel to contact the person who is handling your file. To serve you better, Centrim PC has changed this process. Your call goes directly to our Chartered Professional Accountant. This way, if possible, your question or inquiry is handled immediately. If not, it will be taken care of as soon as possible and an answer will be returned to you upon completion.


Clients of Centrim PC are encouraged to call our Chartered Professional Accountant to get clarification on details of how best to approach financial decisions. Short calls are gratis. Guidance makes life easier for both client and accountant. We want you to make sound financial decisions, and sound financial decisions are based on knowledge.  


Your privacy is also a Centrim PC priority. Secure portals are used in the exchange of information. You can also drop material off at our office. We will mail information in a secure manner at your request.


We value our clients and are always looking for the best ways to provide complete satisfaction. Whatever it is, trust Centrim PC to help you make it happen.

Country and Class


Alberta's backyard is definitely country, but its front yard is city. Alberta is known for its technology and resources, yet it is also undeniably vast tracts of farmland and forest. As such, it attracts all kinds to its unique form of opportunity.


Centrim is similar in its outlook. Sure, it's city educated with the class that goes with it. However, it is also country kind, allowing moments within a serious conversation for a good laugh.


Centrim doesn't see country and city as opposites, but complementary lifestyles in a blended form of the good life. Business should be that way, serious, but never far from the humanity we were all born with.


Centrim is here for you along the way. We'll stand by your side, answer your questions, and help you achieve the balance that only you can imagine. 


Give us a call, text, or send us an email. Let us work with you to develop your own, personally inspired version of what it means to live.


Connect with us. 

Call or text 587-377-8535 




July: The current window for corporate tax returns and financial statements are year-end dates January 2024 - June 2024.

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  • Compilation, review, and audit engagements

  • Corporate and personal tax planning and filing

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Payroll and GST preparation and remittance

  • Virtual accounting solutions

  • Accounting system implementation

  • Tax and accounting consultation

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